If Juka was a doll…

I found this picture of Juka from his official website. The doll below is Sha, from a Dream of Doll collection. I think Juka resembles Sha in a way. I think it’s because of the hair… First time I’ve seen Juka without the heavy make up from his Moi Dix Mois days. He looks quite nice! Just something to share to Juka fans out there. I’m not really one. I just found myself giggling when looking at Juka’s picture and then Sha’s. It’s hilarious…



In case anyone is still wondering who Juka is, he’s the former vocalist of Moi Dix Mois. (Yup, another %$#@! who left Mana-sama and caused the band to break apart.) Now, he’s a vocalist for Hizaki Grace Project as well as a solo artist.

In case there are any Juka-haters out there, buy this doll, say a chant, and stick it with pins! HAHAHAHA!


~ by Thrain Ashknel on August 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “If Juka was a doll…”

  1. […] left Malice Mizer because of “musical differences” (Mhmm, sure…) and after Juka left Moi Dix Moi, even Kazuno and Touru left the band because they lack a vocalist. Obviously, […]

  2. *cries* i LOVE Juka he’s gorgeous i’ve bought all his new stuff he’s even amazing solo. LOVE his voice ❤ I’m kinda glad he soloed, i love the moi dix mois work and have gotten all teh moi dix mois cds (and malice mizer) but Juka has really opened himself up to newer and better things now, i love it. *hugs the juka plushie that she made a little while ago*

  3. I… love but hate him.. ;_;
    I dont know what to do.. *cries*
    I love him but I hate him for leaving Moi Dix Mois.. ;_;
    Im a biggggg Mana-sama fan.. and I am obsessed to him.. *proud*
    but I really like Juka… but then.. ;_;
    Its really confusing.. T_T

  4. That is amazing; probably completely unintentional but the resemblance is stunning!!!!!! Both Juka and Sha look gorgeous!!!

  5. Owgh… I want hair just like that…

  6. erm :/ you people could like both. being in a band with mana is like living in his shadow.

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