Why I hate Gackt and Juka

You might have noticed that I have a great dislike (or hate) for the band members (especially vocalists) of Mana-sama who left for whatever reason aside from dying (miss you Kami-san!). Just put yourself in Mana-sama’s shoes. You pick this guy, who was a nobody, and turn him into something great and famous, and then he turns his back on you and says, “I think I’m meant for something greater than being your vocalist.” What the hell does that suppose to mean, you ungrateful )(*&^$#@!!! Mana-sama showed you the road to greatness and this is how you repay him?!

Gackt left Malice Mizer because of “musical differences” (Mhmm, sure…) and after Juka left Moi Dix Moi, even Kazuno and Touru left the band because they lack a vocalist. Obviously, these guys don’t know anything about loyalty and trust. Trust that Mana-sama, the pillar of visual kei, the unshakable fortress of J-rock, would actually crumble into nothingness without a vocalist! I don’t think they knew whom they dealt with when they signed their contract!

It’s really sad that Mana-sama has to go through band break-ups too many times in his life. I’d be devastated, but Mana-sama never says anything can’t happen. He just pushes forward and create something new and awesome and exciting. His greatness is at its peak with Dixanadu.The 3 ex-members must be crying their eyes out because they’re not in it. Ha! Suckers!

I hope Seth’s a keeper and the others too. Let’s shout “Banzai!” for K for sticking to Moi Dix Mois ’til today.


~ by Thrain Ashknel on August 7, 2007.

30 Responses to “Why I hate Gackt and Juka”

  1. Well, actually, I have read somewhere that Gackt was asked to leave Malice Mizer.

  2. I too have read in some articles that Gackt was asked to leave Malice Mizer. If this is indeed the case, it’s probably because there’s something about him that Mana-sama didn’t like. Probably has something to do with Gackt insisting on working with the music itself not just the lyrics. If that’s what really happened, then poor Gackt! Oh, you know geniuses like Mana-sama. They can get so domineering and conceited (because they have all the right in the world :D) Alas, we’ll never know the truth.

  3. Maybe Gackt just got tired of being Mana’s pet/toy and of all the touching and stuff. And when he started demanding Mana to cease and desist, he was shown the door.;)

  4. Um, yeah, and that one might be a cause too… :p

  5. “but Mana-sama never says anything can’t happen”
    Mana never says anything period.

    Also, in Gackt’s autobiography, he talks about what happened & why he’s no longer in MALICE MIZER. I’m not a Gackt fan at ALL, but I must say I highly doubt he’s, as you put it, crying his eyes out.

  6. I was actually referring to the ex-members of Moi Dix Mois as the ones who were “crying their eyes out.” leah, care to share to us what Gackt said about him leaving Malice Mizer?

  7. It’s pretty easy to find the book online, which is actually how I read it. Anyway, in the chapter about MALICE MIZER, he first mentions that, when he started writing the music as well as the lyrics, he became isolated from the rest of the members. After that, as someone previously mentioned, a meeting was held and he was asked to leave. Gackt also said that the other band members became too obsessed with money, started making fun of the fans, etc.

  8. I wonder what Mana-sama would say about that…(ok, so he doesn’t really speak up) in his thoughts, I mean… Never bothered reading Gackt’s autobiography. If it’s the key to heaven, then send me straight to hell! I prefer beating the truth out of him. LMAO!

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  11. Read this: Of Gackt and Mana-sama.

  12. Gackt is definetly more talented than mana. i know that probably will offend people but i don’t give a shit. I’m in the music industry and know whats talent and what is not, it’s my job. Gackt is more talented and should have broken away from Mana

  13. I can’t help but to agree with most here… Gackt would not leave a band in which his dearest friends were… Gackt was asked to leave, and that does not make them bad or horrible people… Rumor is rumor, leave it at that… Just because Gackt was asked to leave doesn’t mean that an intense hate now separates him and the other ex-members of Malice Mizer… I believe that each member of Malice Mizer was genius in some form or fashion, and some of this genius didn’t mix well…

  14. During the time of a song ‘Le Ciel,’ Gackt was getting attention and was spotted from the reason that he made a great song. That was the time it started for him to get isolated from other members. Their schedules which were running in a difficult(pretty much packed) pattern was another reason. From their growing popularity, members had to run tours and concerts, magazines and even TV shows with no offs and were at pretty much hard conditions. Other members’ response upon Gackt was ‘He was usually late to meetings and was acting individually.’ Gackt tried to have conversations and somehow untie the knot but didn’t work. When he realized, he was completely isolated from other 4 members.

  15. Him and Mana-sama are great friends to this day. Mana-sama goes over to his house once if not twice a month. I’m not exactly sure what happened but what I heard was that he could not deal with Kami’s death, after all, they were extremely close, and Malice Mizer reminded him too much of Kami so he had to leave.

    Now, Gackt is hotter than Malice Mizer ever was, and Mana with Moi dix Mois is also hot, along with his amazing clothing line that is sold all over the world. Malice Mizer was a chapter in their lives. Both of them liked and treasure the memory of it, but they have both moved on.

    They have both moved on and have become successful in everything they touch, the people who are bitter, are the ones that did not get to “ride” the wave of fame. I don’t know what happened to the ex-band mates of any of their past groups, but I do know that Gackto-sama regrets not speaking to them, In his auto biography. Mana-sama is one of his closest friends, so I doubt Mana-sama is pissed off at him.

    Also I heard that Gackto-sama helped Mana-sama launch his clothing line, and has modeled and posed for said line, even though his publicly stated that him and Lolita are now over, yet he did this, that doesn’t sound like someone who is mad. He even helped bring it over to the United States. He said as much in an interview at his Dears convention, so agian, can’t be anything bitter between then ne?

  16. How can you hate someone you don’t know personally?
    Hat is a pretty strong thing to feel toward someone. I think it’s pretty childish of you to say that… Even your reasons for hating Gackt and Juka are even childish. You basically “hate” them for leaving the band. You don’t even know the real story of why the two left.

    Real fans see their star’s flaws and accept them… Fangirls/boys think their star is “God” and can’t do any wrong in their eyes.

  17. c’mon!!! do you really think Mana-sama is actually ‘break-hearted’ because of anyone leaves?? i think that is not much possible…

    in Gackt’s case i think Mana and him doesn’t fits too much, Gackt has a big ego and that makes him annoying, so Mana and the others should get tired of that one day and asked him to leave, Gackt such a very intelligent person and a business man decided to start his solo career so he could do whatever he wants to do as an artist without any Mana-sama that was repressing him all the time becaouse of try to put his hands on a band that wasn’t his project…

    and Juka…i can’t believe you hate him!!!!!! Juka’s really great, do you hate him only because he leaves MdM?

    i think that anyone that gets into a band like Moi dix Mois has the right of leave whenevr they want, THEY’RE ALL AND EACH ONE JUST SUPPORT MEMBERS, so no one is really essential, and their MdM contract must specify it very well, that means that Mana can replace anyone whenever he needs to do it so how can Mana-sama expect some kind of loyalty from them??
    Mana-sama simply said about Juka leave that he only get tired of waiting for something that he’ll never get, talking about the music, Mana said Juka wanted anything else but the music that Moi dix Mois was making at that time, and though he was waiting for Mana to do it so long, Mana says that he could not give that to him, i don’t know what kind of band Juka wanted, but Mana said that was a different from the concept he wanted for MdM, Mana wanted a something such a rock band and said that Juka doesn’t even knows what a real ‘death voice’ was…just different points of view…

  18. …well sometimes, when you love so much a band in particular line-up, then they got screwed, you will get pissed too.
    In MDM case, it is a solo project anyway, we cannot say for sure anyone of them will stay there forever.
    I like Klaha, but the fact that MM disbanded even with their full lineup around, kinda annoys me.

  19. 9 tail fox is right. you’re an idiot, your hatred for Gackt is unfounded. Gackt was starting to leech almost total creative control of malice mizer, and it was a group decision to boot him.

  20. i agree that gackt is a douchebag, but if you read his autobiography, he says that he was essentially kicked out of the band. or rather…they told him they were disbanding, and he claims “someone” said that “we just can’t work with you anymore.” so he left, and shortly after MM got back together. (for the record they never disbanded, their official status remains “indefinite hiatus”)

    JUKA, on the other hand….
    it was a shame to see him go 😦 but the reason he left (and he did not reveal this until WAY later) was that he had a vocal polyps that needed to be surgically removed. when he came back with Hizaki Grace Project he kept saying things like “i can’t believe im back so soon” etc.

    then the polyps came back a SECOND time and he has again quit his music status, and revealed that it was his second polyps. he is due to return to the music scene this february. he’s already done some lives i believe but no new music yet…
    Juka doesn’t deserve a bad rep :<

  21. When I read the title of this post I just thought “there is any reason for someone to actually hate Gackt?”….I mean, he is a musician and his music his great, so you can´t blame him of mediocrity. In fact, he is nothing but a perfectionist. Also, he is one of japanese artist, I mean, one of the all around the world artist who most care about his fans; so you cant blame him of being ungrateful either. So, I decided that there isn´t any reason to hate him, but still curious, then a read…. Oh surprise!!!… so the hate reson is to leave Malice Mizer… well, I won´t say again what has been said here about the reasons he left the band; only I can add to, is that Mana didn´t became Gackt a great artists, Gackt became himself a great artist. Yes, he had a great opportunity in MM, but MM didn´t gave him his fans, he earn his fans by himself too, with a lot of hard work. In all his career he has done nothing but improve himself in every new single or album, when MM always sounded the same!!! I like MM, but c´mon, you cant deny their songs are repetitive, they never evolve, Gackt did, Gackt does all the time. If someone deserves the SAMA after his name, that is Gackt not Mana.

  22. By the way, bigger proof Malice Mizer never evolve: they couldn´t survive. I don´t dislike them, I actually listen to their music, but you can never compare good musicians with great musicians. Japanese music industry is very competitive, much more than in other countries, maybe that is the reason why there are so many good japanese bands in comparison with other countries. Just listen to actual japanese musicians and, for example, american musicians. There is an abyss between the most of them, I mean talking about the quality of the music. But for that same reason, many good musicians don´t survie in Japan, only great ones do. Is just that the country is not big enough for both, good and great. So, Malice Mizer was good, Gackt is great, period.

  23. I lol’d.

  24. I disagree.
    While I love Mana, we don’t know what really happened between them all in the whole Malice Mizer situation, and later, the M10M situation. People have different ideas and opinions, and have to do what they feel is right. It was apparent that there was tension between them all towards the end of the Gackt era. Maybe Gackt leaving was the best choice, and just because he left didn’t mean he had to stop doing music all together. Same with Juka. Mana doesn’t hold negativity towards Gackt or Juka for their decisions, so why should you?

  25. Ok, first of all, him leaving MM isn’t a reason to hate Gackt. I hate Gackt with a passion and I try to convert his fans all the time. I don’t lie to them. I tell them what I read from what he, himself, had written autobiography. I never liked his music, first of all, because he sounds like a hack opera star with a throat cold with his cheesy, overly romantic balads. Then there’s his (self-proclaimed) character. Not only was he a spoiled brat from the start but he goes on about how he can “see ghosts” since a near drowning accident. Sounds more like brain damage from lack of oxygen to me. Then he went on to talk about how he used/uses women for sex then just dumps them and how he was too “proud” to masturbate like every other guy his age. Then he goes on about his “hard” life. But that stuff isn’t so bad, I guess, but it gets worse. He was talking about how over-bearingly controlling he is–especially towards women. He was practically bragging about how shallow he was and how he would judge them by their looks, voice and how they closed his car door and how they reacted when he drove. WTF??????!!!!!!!!! WTF is that??? How can you judge a woman on those credentials?? Then he goes on how he has to have the best of everything. Like his clothes and wine cost him hundreds and even thousands of dollars. I’m sorry but clothes and wine shouldn’t cost that much. And his clothes are Wal-Mart worthy women’s clothes. BUT, he’s not alone in that act. he’s also a big ham and a liar. He gets a lot of praise yet shows NO humility whatsoever. He hardly says “thank you”. How rude! He, also, claims to be able to do all these things yet he’s never shown to do them. When he does, he’s mediocre at best. For example: he claims to be fluent in multiple languages. Y’know what? His fans who get letters back from him were saying how poor his English (just an example) is. Do you know who’s ACTUALLY fluent in multiple languages? Yoshiki. He’s not perfect but he’d pretty damn good. I have a problem with Gackt’s way of living. He is 36 years-old. That’s 4 years from 40, people. He’s way to old for this boy toy appearences he tries to make. It’s time to grow the he’ll up. Everyone else has, it’s your turn now. Even Miyavi is growing up and he’s not even 30 yet!!

    I thoroughly hate Gackt and I feel I’m more than justified to hate him. I know that no one is perfect but damn. At least TRY to fix it!

    • I reply this because your post is just too bais.

      You must be a westerner because they don’t believe this kind of things. Thus I tell you that the ones who can see non-living beings is call Yin-Yang Yan!
      This is just a kind of ability, Not sickness or madness.

      PS: My impression on Mana’s fans is getting worst….

    • you are too bias!

      The person who can see non-living beings are called Yin Yang Yan.
      This is just a kind of ability, it is not sickness or madness.

      PS: my impression on Mana’s fans is getting worst…

  26. Maybe it’s too late to leave a comment, I mean U posted this entry long time ago and may not expect a comment now but I’ll say some words anyway, hope u don’t mind. I disagree with you and this is just my opinion, not that I hate you or so. :))
    I accidentally bumped into your entry when searching on the Internet and though I know nothing about Mana-san, I just want to ask you if have you ever wonder why there has been so many artists who worked with Mana-san and then left? Why do u blame all those artists who left (or being asked to leave), not Mana-san himself? U hate GACKT just because he was asked to leave MM? I agree that G has a great ego but I think that the one who has the greatest ego must be Mana-san, that’s why he couldn’t work with others. I respect Mana-san, u can see that even in English I still call him “san”, but in this issue, those above are what I really think.
    In the case of Kami, do u know that nowadays, the MM member who never forget Kami’s birthday and death anniversary? It’s GACKT, whether he’s busy or not, he never fail in visiting K’s grave and parents. K’s parents even asked G to give K’s drums to his school on behalf of Kami. Why it has to be GACKT?
    And again, I have to admit that G has a very big ego, but do u see that is there anyone who had worked with GACKT, betrayed him? GacktJOB, for example, consists of many artists and staffs, is considered a extended-family of him and they love him so much. There are the ones who came and then left, but even if they left, they are still loyal to GACKT, and vice versa. There are many real story about this fact, if u want proofs.
    Same as ppl here, I feel the urge to say those things because whether if I’m a fan of G or not, I feel it’s just really unfair to him to say that he is hated just because they left MM, he has a great personality, indeed.
    That’s what I have to say, am in a rush now, so bye :))

  27. well yeah is true but is not reason to hate Gackt he stay for a long time but there are rumors that he was asked to leave but whatever.. if Mana ask me to go with him sing or play an instruments (which would never happen XD) I will so go!!!!! and stay with him no matter what, even if I die I will be next to him!!! XD

  28. I kind of glad that this post exist, because it’s a proof just to show how selfish you ( a mana fan) are.
    You talk about Juka and Gackt, yet you conveniently left Klaha ( the one who is ditch by Mana) out.

    Since you are a Mana’s fan you should know what a jerk and ungrateful you are.

    If not for MM, Mana will never got notice, and His fans KNOWS it! that’s why they keep asking and wishing Kozi and Yuki to come back and to save that Mana! (there are signs to show when they disband, they were not on good terms. Proof: Kozi and Yuki made a song in the memory of Kami AFTER they left MM.)

    Now everyone can see that Mana is trying to get Kozi back, Because she needs him. And that’s Pathetic!!!

    Anyway This site just gross me out, I have to leave

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