Manikako at The Podium

I’ve mentioned before, somewhere in this blog, that I’m very fond of ball-jointed dolls, especially those made by Dream of Doll. My friend, Jen, informed me two weeks ago about this fund-raising activity at The Podium where dolls are going to be exhibited and members from ManikaManila, an organization of BJD owners in the Philippines, are going to be volunteering. I said, Wow, cool! Maybe a ManikaManila member will bring her Dream of Doll BJD! We went on the first day of the event and…

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~ by Thrain Ashknel on February 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Manikako at The Podium”

  1. Lovely!!! The Manikako activity has been a really enjoyable weekend for me as well (I love the Lobo doll they customized for me, btw). There’s only one regret that I could think of the first time I actually went there……I forgot to bring a !#$@$@# camera!!!!! AAARGH!!!!!! >.<””’

    Sa uulitin na lang, hehehehe XDXDXD

  2. Oh that’s really cool! I particularly like the furry one and the leafy doll beside it. Actually, I like all the dolls on that shelf. For a national artist, Malang’s doll doesn’t strike me very much. It could’ve been better, probably with a different base doll, I don’t know. Mana’s doll looks great, with the overcoat and all. Wish I could have gone there. Really looks like fun!

  3. The dolls are so cute!!

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