Gothic and Lolita

A comprehensive article about the Lolita fashion and its sub-category Gothic Lolita can be found here.

I love the Gothic Lolita fashion because it incorporates three of my favorite things in life – the Gothic look, the Victorian sense, and the Peter Pan complex.

NOTE that the Peter Pan complex mentioned here is NOT the Peter Pan Syndrome, a pop-psychology term used for people with severe psycho problems. My definition of the Peter Pan complex is the feeling of always being a child at heart. I also associate it with the feeling that you seemed to have stopped growing older by the age of 21.

I prefer the Kodona fashion though over Lolita because it’s easier to move in it,




but I always end up designing something Lolita… It’s really weird… I was never fond of wearing skirts ever since I was a kid, because you always have to be mindful to keep your knees together. It’s good exercise for the inner thighs though. I wasn’t raised up in a world that’s “pink is for girls and blue is for boys.” I wasn’t smothered with pink, dresses, and Barbies as a baby. I had one Barbie doll, though, but it wasn’t a gift from my parents. I had mostly stuffed toys, robots, cars, Lego pieces, and my imagination. So while every girl was busy trying to be the princess in a fairy tale, I was busy fighting the Nasties is Fantasia. I did want to become the Empress at one point though, because she was really pretty and has very beautiful eyes and she speaks so softly.

I also have the feeling that I had a past life sometime during the Victorian Era. I love anything that is Victorian-inspired. Sometimes, I get a deja-vu when I come across something antique or vintage. It’s really strange. I don’t get images in my head, it’s more of a feeling that I’m drawn to that piece or there’s something that I must remember, but I can’t. Every time get that feeling, my heartbeat sky rockets and I get very excited, and my hands start to quiver. I love Victorian houses most of all.

The part of Gothic I like is the presentation, the way it catches people’s eyes, so in a way, you stand out from everybody else. “Anything BUT ordinary, please!” is one of my mottos. I grew up scaring myself to death at night with the likes of Goosebumps, so I am immune to the gory stuff. BUT, not everything associated with Goth, I like. Lithium, suicides, whip-my-leather-bound-ass stuff are . I like vampires a LOT. I think I should have a separate page for vampires. Although, in real life, I wouldn’t want to be one because I would loose my soul and turn into Satan’s vassal and live in the firey depths of hell FOREVER!!! I have a friend though who really wanted to be a vampire. She’s a friendly, innocent girl on the outside, but a hardcore vampire wanna-be on the inside. She’s probably friendly to potential food. Luv yah! I also incorporate Gothic themes in my art and writings a lot. I need an outlet for these kinds of stuff or else I might turn out to be a demon worshiper or worse, a person who pretends to be one.




3 Responses to “Gothic and Lolita”

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  2. These are amazing… so beautiful… I can really see why you love the Gothic & Lolita fashions and styles…

  3. I love lolita its beautiful.

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