Visual Kei Rock Bands

What is visual kei?

Wikipedia defined it as this: Visual kei (ヴィジュアル系 vijuaru kei?, literally “visual style”) refers to a music genre[1] in Japanese Rock music characterized by the use of “outrageous, usually androgynous looks”. This usually involves striking make-up, unusual hair styles and elaborate costumes.[2]

Wikipedia also mentioned that: Magazines published regularly in Japan with a visual kei focus are Arena 37°C, Cure, Fool’s Mate and Shoxx.


For me, visual kei bands are eye candy. NOT all of them, of course. Although I didn’t grow up in Japan, I was surrounded by influences of J-Rock music and visual kei bands through my fascination for anime. At the same time that my attachment for anime grew stronger, I’ve learned to love the visual kei concept as well.

Unlike rock bands in the US, looking at a J-Rock visual kei band doesn’t mean hearing only heavy metal destroy-my-eardrum kind of music. Some of the songs they make are light and romantic, but still kick ass!

I would want to form a visual kei band in the future with me on guitar, but I’m sure that I’ll be having a hard time recruiting members.



23 Responses to “Visual Kei Rock Bands”

  1. I would totally start a Visual Kai band with you!!! I play the Viola, but Visual Kei is all about creativiyt and idvidualism anyway, right?

  2. haha me too, joining a visual kei band sounds like an awsome idea.. i’m not good at playing music tho…and i doubt i’m that great at sining…lol hopeless.. ehy?

  3. Visual Kei band? That would be awesome! US bands are kinda boring now days.. Then again, thats just me, and I’m into the Japanese rock bands/Anime things. Visual Kei is exactly what the US needs, lol.

  4. i would totally love to join a band, i have bases of singing and guitar + drums
    i specialize in lyrical production with bands though
    you can contact me through my email at
    this isnt spam, i am truly interested in joining as a lyricist

  5. LOL

  6. LOTS of thanks for those who really wanted to form a visual kei band with me. My regrets that our geographical location hinders our development as a band. I will carry your support though as I become more and more serious about bringing visual kei into the mainstream music wherever the hell I am right now. Hoping that there will be people like us out there who will appreciate it.


    ROCK ON!!!

  7. well if your in need of a keyboardist i am really good at what i do and to prove it ive gotten a platinum recording album from procat music my if interested check out my myspace

  8. visual kei sickens me. this isn’t what rock is about. just like the KISS-era of hair sprayed macho rock this is all about SUBSTANCE and SHOW…admit it or not.

    I’d much rather listen to the opposite of this FAD statement, i.e. Cosmicdust or Deerhoof where the emphasis is on the MUSIC not the MUSICIANS. C’mon. These J-rockers need to grow up.

  9. I’d love to be in a band with you! I play keyboards and vocals.
    I think I sound a bit like a blend between Gackt and Dero from OOMPH! If you have a myspace, you can find me here ~ ~ and yes, my default looks sort of v~k, so… 😛

  10. p.s. ~ Yes, I know I’m quite young! xp

  11. i play vocals and im serious about making a visual kei band.
    i plan to move to japan 2 years after i graduate from high school. so, in total of 4 years. anyone interested, reply here.

  12. i’m trying to form one right now DX not much luck though XD lol ….if anyone here wants to join check out my link

  13. or check out my myspce ->

  14. haha suki_desu i plan on moving to japan after i graduate too in 4 years! hopefuly im learning japanese and like vocals and wanna start drums

  15. my bad i graduate in 2 and wanna leave in about 2-3 years after HS. and i know a bit of japanese and still learning
    heres my myspace

  16. :):):)

  17. thought i was the only one!

  18. Suki_desu and mikmik I plan on moving to Japan in four years too! I play Bass and guitar!! I graduate high school in two years and maybe college for two years!if your interested you can contact me on my myspace!! my name is MyDearAlice<3 (my default picture is kinda purplish)

  19. I am looking to start a visual Kei band. Music mostly influenced by luna sea, and X Jpana, I would play lead or rythem guitar, I’m a good singer also. Also, I look better than any of those guys ;D

    Contact me here

  20. Hell yeah, it’s a shame Japanese music is pretty much unknown in the US, but you hear Tejano crap all over US lmfao


  22. sounds fun!! piano/keyboards? been playing for…. almost nine years? i think? i lost track of the time. xP

  23. Hey I’m looking for members in CA.
    I play drums and guitar 😀

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