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My favored visual kei band is nothing else but Malice Mizer. I love all of their looks – from classic to goth. I love how Mana-sama came up with their Baroque costumes. Because I have a deep connection for the Renaissance-Baroque Era, the clothing, the look, and with the sound of the harpsichord, Malice Mizer has filled my heart with delight.

I think…

that Malice Mizer isn’t Malice Mizer if Gackt wasn’t on vocals. No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Gackt fan. My boyfriend is. I actually abhor Gackt for leaving the band and making the members worried, up to the point that Kami (D) even died. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really Gackt’s fault. SAH was.


Rest in peace, Kami.

Kami’s coolest pic ever…

It was really sweet of the band that they regarded Kami as an “eternal blood relative,” referencing him in the band’s work even after he has passed away. Malice Mizer also didn’t have the heart to replace him with a permanent drummer up until their indeterminate hiatus.

Back to Gackt. His unmistakable charisma was definitely one of the major factors that brought the band soaring popularity during his era. Of course, aside from Mana-sama’s pure genius in guitar, down to the costumes, choreography, and everything else. The band even signed up to a major recording label, Columbia. There is definitely something in his voice that makes their music eerie. Perfect for the band’s image. Tetsu and Klaha, even Seth of Moi Dix Mois and its former vocalists, I have to say, though I hate to, don’t compare to the force, quality, and style of Gackt’s singing voice. I have to point out that his voice is kind of nasal, but still, very suitable for Malice Mizer.

I regard Gackt as a “user.” Really ticks my boyfriend off. I only say that in defense of Mana-sama, who, in my point of view, as the leader of the band, Gackt used in order to establish himself in the music industry and left Mana-sama and the band for nothing!

!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!!! And so, Malice Mizer’s music went dark after that. For me, none of the songs had any sense in it! Especially with Klaha’s singing! All I can hear were wailings from instruments that mirrored Mana-sama’s tormented heart. Gackt, you !@#$%!!! How the hell could you do this???!!! Look what Mana-sama has also done to his beautiful guitars! The once elegant blue and white guitars are now splattered with blood everywhere with demonic signs sticked to them!!! Gackt, you !@#$%! You drove Mana-sama to utter misery so he threw himself into gothic oblivion!!!

I don’t like Gackt because he left Malice Mizer and that was the end of it. I know Mana-sama must’ve really missed him dearly. *cough cough*

Gackt, someday, someone dear is going to leave you too and your gonna get your share of the pain of being left behind!

Please read: Of Gackt and Mana-sama.

Malice Mizer’s Illuminati. Enjoy!



14 Responses to “Malice Mizer”

  1. LMAO.
    I hate Gackt for leaving too but he is one powerful vocalist.
    HOWEVER Bara no Seido and the Klaha era songs were still awesome, even though SOME of them were splattered with blood, but so was illuminati.

  2. Uhhh…I think that Illuminati video was too “visual” for me (the first part with Gackt feeling up Mana. What the?! You’re both guys!). Then again, I’ve seen even more “visual” stuff from Malice Mizer.

    “Communion with Nimrod”? Sounded more like Nimred!

    Oh, and I’m not a Gackt fan. I just think he was cool in Fuurin Kazan and Moon Child. Great movie!:)

  3. […] left Malice Mizer because of “musical differences” (Mhmm, sure…) and after Juka left Moi Dix Moi, […]

  4. Hmm.. yeah..
    I noticed that… Mana’s music is getting darker and darker everytime his band splits up..
    I mean after Gackt left, he turn to be all blackish and stuff…
    After Klaha left and MM is in definite hiatus,
    he got Moi Dix Mois… kinda like Metal band.. yeah..
    so its darker..
    and after Juka left.. with kazuno and tohru…
    Mana have this new look..
    He now really looks like a death angel to me…
    But thats why I like him.. hes just too pretty..
    Poor him.. If you read the lyrics he write..
    It sounds like he’s in so much pain.. TT^TT
    “the sad black night cross his heart”
    i believe that the sad black night is himself…

  5. gact feels up mana alot .. its kinda hot after a while lol … i love mana-sama *squee* any ways gackt has such an amazing voice

  6. Oh yeah~`Maybe YOU will leave Gackt someday. THAT would really be devestating to Gackt then.XD But we can’t blame him…I think if you were a vocalist and your band reached the top ~nearly~ you’d be popular of course, so why not take the chance and be a solo? Although yeah…It really…well it was said.

    Kyaah!.Xd the thought of YOU leaving Gackt still lingers in my mind! NO!!!! …maa…that will ever happen.^^

  7. …you know if you get the lyrics to the song…the whole thing is about religion and nothing about sex X-D

    but other than that..i miss gacktXmana combo! they were a hot combination

  8. no, no no!!!! you are SO wrong!!! first, i’m not a Gackt’s obsessed fan but i like his music and i think he’s talented and very much beautiful and with a great charisma but he really annoys me sometimes because of:

    his personality, he’s the kind of man that is very trivial, he cares about material things too much, about fame, money, being popular, etc, etc, etc…i’d bet my life Mana & Gackt NEVER was best friends, because of the Gackt’s complex of being always the center of everything…in another words GACKT’S BIG EGO!

    And Mana is not that kind of man, Mana is a very deep person, sensible, a real artist and kind of spiritual, he don’t care about anything but express himself, of curse he wants to be #1 too, but not to be the center of everything like Gackt, as yo said Mana is a control freak and he likes to do things perfect to his eyes and/or taste…so to tell the truth it was obvious that Gackt would leave someday, it wuold be Gackt or Mana, and the answer was obvious…everyone in MM loves Mana-sama and with Gackt…i think his only real friend was Kami…

    And of curse Gackt’s era was NOT the best era of MM, i really love much MM, i think it’s a legendary band (with band i mean prencipaly Mana, Közi and Yu~ki, the vocals were so remplazables), if you put genious together what else can you ask for?? i said Gack’ts era wasn’t the best, it was the most popular but this is not the same as best, or even not for me…i really like a litlle bit the most Tetsu’a and Klaha’s era…they really rocked in there!!! (of curse i love Gackt’s era too, but i prefer the other two, for a half milimeter of distance…maybe it’s my aversion to Gackt…)

    Also, Mana has always said that his REAL side is what he’s doing on MdM as he said that he really loves rock and goth metal bands…that doesn’t exist on Gackt’s era…

    When Gackt left, Kami died *RIP*, and MM release ‘Shiroi hada…’ Mana says in an interview that he was planning somthing like that gothic since 1994 or 1995 (Gackt’s era) but he don’t do it because he was waiting for the perfect moment to make it…also Mana says that he really wanted to come back to MM roots like a goth rocking band, when they release Memoire (without Gackt), so he thinks that with ‘Bara no seidou’ they were doing that (what they really are)…

    An then Beast of Blood came out and Mana let us taste a little bit of MdM in it…

    Mana was plainning MdM since too much time before MM ‘took their brake’, i’m not sure how many, but is too much…so this goth side, sad side, dark side is the real Mana, the sweet little dolly cute Mana of Merveilles is a fake…

  9. like malice mizer……..

  10. -sigh-
    Gackt: gorgeous
    Mana: gorgeous
    why do gorgeous guy always hae to break each other’s hearts???
    either way: go mana!!!!

  11. You… DO know that Gackt half-left, half was kicked out? The only reason he left wasn’t to pursue his own career, he did that afterwards. And he wasn’t forced to leave because of his large ego or anything like that, it was because Mana wanted to take the band in a ‘darker’ and more gothic direction, as opposed to Gackt, who wanted to be more of a pop-ish artist. >_<

  12. Damn you Gackt… T_T
    I think I’ve forgiven him mostly, since I’m not entirely sure what happened… but I’d give ANYTHING to change what happened so that Gackt hadn’t left. His voice was my favorite, as opposed to Klaha, who has a beautiful voice, but not as ‘expressive.’

    I won’t be the first one to make this assumption, but I’d say, judging by the title ‘Mizerable’ (by Gackt) is written about MM.

    I do personally think that the ‘innocent, cute’ side of Mana, that he expressed more in MM, was mostly for the band, and not entirely where his heart was. So I’m glad that he found himself in MdM. Whether *I* rather him cute and happy (visually) amounts to nothing. I’m not sure if it was because of Gackt…
    I know Mana is in a lot of pain, and if I knew the source of that pain… D:<

    Leaving the band really hurt Kami too. This is what REALLY pisses me off about Gackt…
    I heard Kami was found crying backstage because Gackt left. If that’s true then they must’ve been close friends.
    Then he never showed up at the funeral… I know he had a valid reason, but he still hurt Kami… The last few months of Kami’s life should’ve been happy… RIP.

  13. I love that live of Illuminati. I hear Gackt was actually sick for it and that’s why he goes off on that pitch, (If you listen to it, you know what I’m talking about) but that’s actually the reason I love the live. It’s boring if they all sound the same…
    Anyway…things happen and people evolve. That’s all there is to it. I’m sure Mana loves his music and guitars and overall appearance now and that’s his deal. It’s a choice not a grieving and that you would say anything along those lines hints that you aren’t a fan of it. (I don’t know you or your likes so I won’t say anything definite, but why would you talk about it the way you do if you think Mana is as great as you say you do?)
    Malize Mizer was an awesome band. All the members, from every era were fantastic. They still are.

  14. Gackt never fit the Visual Kei image and when he went solo you can pretty much confirm that. The guy obviously enjoys preforming and singing and loved his bandmates, but not enough to keep putting on lipstick / dresses / and ruffles. VK just wasn’t Gackt, I’m glad at least one person in the VK world broke out of that genre and moved on.

    Gackt was one of MM’s best vocalist (imo), he didn’t sing like dying bird and frail around like a dork, and his range was attractive.

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