A comprehensive article about Mana-sama can be found here.



This is his official website.

This is his official fan club.

Mon Amour

This is his own record label.


This is his own designer label.


He acted as band leader and guitarist for Malice Mizer. You can read about them here.


He also acted as producer for a visual kei band called Schwarz Stein. You can read about them here.

So, three months after Malice Mizer entered hiatus, Mana-sama has formed his solo project, Moi Dix Mois. You can read about Moi Dix Mois here.



The singles of Moi Dix Mois, In MY opinion…

were (pardon my rudeness, Mana-sama) but, they were kind of horrible. I’ve been grief-stricken by his music. Really dark, dark, dark, dark, dark… Look what he has also done to his beautiful guitars! The once elegant blue and white guitars are now splattered with blood with demonic signs sticked to them!!! ***** drove Mana-sama to utter misery, but Mana-sama’s back and he’s raising hell with him. (Someone said that it might not have occurred to me that the Moi Dix Mois guitars are actually different from the Malice Mizer guitars… Duh! You can’t just glue additional parts on a guitar now, can you???)

BUT, then came — DIXANADU!!! Yey!

Wonerful wonderful wonderful album! You could read my review of the album here. Released on March 19, Mana’s birthday, this year. That day, I wrote Mana-sama an e-mail with my birthday greetings in it, but got no reply. (Who am I anyway?) I kinda sulked after that, but got on my feet again a month later.

I found this interview with Mana-sama and K. It’s in German, but it’s subtitled in English. Convenient! Mana-sama “speaks” about himself.


Although, his guitars have also changed their form succeeding Malice Mizer’s hiatus, I still like them.








These are his guitars before.






Here are his guitars, now.



I like the jeune fille jf500 (Malice Mizer guitar, blue) because it fits Mana-sama’s rockin’ girly image in Malice Mizer. I also think that the ESP jeune fille X Bronze -Cross Ray- is cool (Moi Dix Mois guitar, blue) because it has the glowing blue cross at the bridge. The price for this custom ESP guitar is almost a million yen! You can view the specifications for the guitars here.


I’ve read somewhere from the web that he’s quite a snob and doesn’t really talk to people who doesn’t share his interests, and he also love to cook and whip up a good feast. I also read something about him saying that if a girl can walk down the street in a skirt and catch people’s attention, so can he. It was rumored that he composed some tracks for a Castlevania game, but apparently it wasn’t true. Although, they said that Mana-sama did write a promotional cell phone ringtone called “La nuit blanche” for Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (my fave Castlevania game). The ringtone is no longer available and was never released outside of Japan. (Wow, Mana-sama and Castlevania collaborating… what a dream!) Check out this pic (got this from here). I’m not sure, but is this Mana-sama and Castlevania creator, Koji Igarashi? Did they have an interview or something? (Anyone who knows about this please enlighten us.) The dialog box text is funny. I’ve also read that he’s quite a control freak which lead ex-Moi Dix Mois vocalist, Juka, to leave the band… Oh well, I’d willingly be Mana-sama’s vassal. He can control me anytime!



LOVE Mana-sama because he’s brilliant. He has his own record label, he’s a guitarist, a producer (Moi Dix Mois & Schwarz Stein), composer, he works on synthesizers, he designs gothic clothes, he appears in every issue of Gothic and Lolita Bible, he does practically everything for Malice Mizer before and Moi Dix Mois now, he looks cute in either girls’ or boys’ clothes, he has a very deep voice but doesn’t speak in public projecting a shy image, he’s a very driven individual, in a nutshell,





Please read: Of G***t and Mana-sama.


25 Responses to “Mana-sama”

  1. Mana sure has established herself as a pillar of visual kei bands, her name is almost synonymous with visual kei as he is usually thought of as its inventor. Emiru and others will try to copy Mana, and other visual K bands will come, and they will go, but Malice Mizer will always be remembered for their great instruments, music, and live performances and witty antics.

  2. I meant “himself” and “his name”. I always get so confused…

  3. Malice Mizer is the only visual kei band that stayed true to their visual roots and still gained amazing popularity.
    Most VK bands when going mainstream drop their visual look. Sadness.

  4. You’re right there, zach. Malice Mizer is one of a kind. I really miss them…:_(

  5. so, who wants to give me an insightful quote from you on how mana is misunderstood? (I’m having trouble getting enough, thus the consequences of doing an english project on mana…)

  6. megami, you’re doing an english project about Mana-sama???

    Well, good for you! 🙂

    I don’t think that Mana-sama is misunderstood. He’s just very different from people who live in what we call the “stereotypical” society. It’s mainly because of how he dresses and the fact that he never speaks in public. I find Mana-sama a very interesting person, since I, too, have a tendency to break away from the norms. I’d also like to point out zach’s comment.

    “Malice Mizer is the only visual kei band that stayed true to their visual roots and still gained amazing popularity.
    Most VK bands when going mainstream drop their visual look. Sadness.”

    It’s great that Malice Mizer never gave up their visual kei look. It was one of Mana-sama’s major influences on the band. As one of the band’s co-founders, he knew what kind of music and look he wanted for Malice Mizer since the beginning.

    To wrap up, I say, he’s a very talented and driven individual who knows what he wants, strives hard to get it, and lives the life he chooses, no matter what other people say.

    I ADORE you, Mana-sama! 🙂

    • mana sama is like a bottle of lovely wine. resevered only for those who have a refine tastes. his music is like a beatiful opera. not for everyone but to those who understand his style of music and life.

  7. Mana sama,, I love You,,
    I always wait you to visit my country, Indonesia…
    And you want to make a special gothic dress to me…

  8. Well, Malice Mizer is the most popular VKGothLolita ever! They made the style.. And they rocks! Especially, Mana-sama. =]
    Did you notice that lately a lot of new bands trying to get Malice Mizer’s look..?
    I mean, like Versailles, Hizaki Grace project and L’arme D’Ange (new band, i know them from myspace)….

  9. Mana-sama are amazing and I love your Clothes

  10. This is a total bias~`but…who cares? I like Mana too XD

  11. u are so beautiful i wish u were mine mana

  12. I love you Mana-Sama you are my idol. I love your outfits you make they are lovely and I bought oneand im wearing it right now. Thank you it is cute and a lot of my friends want it. I Love You Mana.

  13. mana, you rock. you just friggin rock!!!!!!!!


  15. I ❤ K

  16. mana-sama<3

  17. te amo mana!!!!

    ven a chile

    con mi prima te amamos
    eres unico!

  18. I am writng a 6 page research paper on Mana Sama for my class. The question for my paper is “Is Mana Sama Influential?”. Since I have to make a point on it I am in need of interviews and more sources even though I believe he is. If any one is alright with an interview please email me at or at Please and thank you for your help.

  19. hermoso mana de verdad eres uno de mis preferidoss te adoroo (L) todos los fans visual key agreguen me x fa los de chile mana eres lo mejorr 😀

  20. this page stinks of rumors and false info.
    anyone who reads this will get the wrong ideal about mana…
    Thanks for continuing the misconceptions… -_-

  21. Be Carefull, ITS A TRAP !!!

  22. mana te amo kuando vienes a chile 😦 kiero saver io … te adoroo !! (L) ven luego x fa te estare esperando !! 😀

  23. wow im a big fan myself as i know almoast everyhing about mana sama he is so mazing in his own way 🙂

  24. very good and fuck ..

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